About Us


What we are?                                                                                                               
Global Education Association
is dedicated in providing alternative English exposure to our children in Hong Kong.  With our unique and innovative
programes, students are benefited no matter in listenin
g, writing, reading and oral-speaking. It is our goal to enchance their English proficiency and self-condifence in facing the ever-changing challenges.

We are a group of passionate youths who are committed to children and youths language development in Hong Kong. We established since 2006 and delivered
"Creating Happy English Learning" message throughtout 200 schools / NGO and educational centres.

Our services

English Enhancement Programme (EEP)

1. Global Toddels (For Aged 18 months-3 years old / Pre-school)

  • GENKI Toddles                                                                           

2. Global Kids (For Aged 3-6 / Kindergarten Students)                                                

  • GENKI Kids
  • GENKI Phonics
  • GENKI Drama
  • Pearson Test Of English (PTE) - Level 1

3. Global Youth (For Aged 6-12 / Primary Students)

  • Person Test Of English (PTE) - Level 2 - 4
  • Cambridge English for Young Learners
  • Enhancement Oral-speaking Workshop
  • Enhancement Workshop in writing / listening / oral-speaking and reading     
  • Creative Writing
  • English Drama
  • Interview Techniques

4. Global NET Scheme

  • Over 30+ schools joined the captioned scheme
  • Stable and professional NET's team
  • Regularly site visit for NET's teaching performance 

5. Global Exchange Program

  • English Exchange with students from overseas (local and oversea)
  • Co-operation with oversea University

6. Global Educational Camps                                                                                   

  • Help the participants explore our World 
  • Equip their vaules / self-disciplined / social networking through our ENGLISH EDUCATIONAL CAMP                                            

Our supportive services

  • Prepare and design lesson plans
  • Full set of teaching materials
  • Regular consultation during contracted period
  • Provide on-job training
  • Provide substitute teachers
  • Conduct regular-basis of supervisory visit
  • monitor teacher's performance regularly
  • Mutual and frequently communication with school supervisors